Agile Digital Transformation of your Business

Northern IT Solutions Inc.
Prince George, BC

Create Online Presence for your Business

  • Create your Website with basic but key deliverables and Unique Selling Points (USPs) of your business. Your website is a marketing agent in the internet world.
  • Create a Social Media presence by creating/updating accounts on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages etc.
  • Create some Ad campaigns on the social media channels as your customers live there too.
  • Make sure your website is linked to social media to divert traffic towards your website. Consider reviewing your SEO with experts and keep the website updated.
  • If you sell items in your shop or business, consider creating an
    e-Commerce website to start selling online
  • (Check out several support schemes from the BC Government to
    digitally transform your business)
    Funding supports businesses to launch online | BC Gov News

Upgrade your existing website/online channels by making them Interactive

  • Your existing website or Social Media page can be upgraded to meet the latest trends in the social media usage of your existing and future customers.
  • Make your Social Media page more interactive. Add links to your latest packages, offers, social events, and any CSR activity through your digital channels.
  • Use Insights and Analytics to monitor the traffic on your internet channels – Profile of visitors, The areas of interest, and the Geographical presence of customers. You can use these leads and integrate them with your marketing campaigns.
  • Create offers on your website for visitors and try to register them for your Newsletter/email campaigns often.
  • Include areas of your work in your campaigns. Share your mission and vision, and show that you are committed.


Review the visitor trends and reports for your website

  • You need to be aware of what your needs and priorities are w.r.t. the impact on your business.
  • Make sure you are reviewing and analyzing data and statistics from your marketing and visitor trends.
  • It is also a good tip to transform manual documentation and process steps into a digital version. Not that manual form is not useful, but digitizing will make it more useful and accessible than manual documents. Once it is available online, visitors, existing members, and employees can easily access the information.

Add Web Applications to your website and Social Media Channels

  • Make your website interactive – Add applications for your customers, Employees, Partners and other visitors who might be interested in your work.
  • Add some applications like:
    •      Attendance system for employees
    •      Visitor Registration to your place of business
    •      Meeting room and Conference room bookings for your employees and visitors
    •      Membership-based content and offers
  • Publish Weekly Flyers on offers/promotions. Send this to the subscribed members.
  • Create a blog section related to your area of work and share your expertise and experience
  • Use a CRM suitable for your specific case. Do not use any and every CRM. Consult an expert and design your content as per your need.


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