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At Northern IT, we take pride in standing out from the competition when it comes to serving our customers. Because no two IT challenges are the same, our solutions are different. We are creative and adaptable. We respond quickly. We make business easier for our customers. Available for Turnkey execution and Consultancy
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We offer Web Development, Application Integration, IoT Automation & Bespoke IT Services

Website Strategy & Application Integration

Whether you need a simple One Page Website hosted for you or an online e-Commerce portal, we will help you design and implement one for your needs. “Your” web strategy. We use standard platforms like WordPress, Joomla etc. and use Open Source tools along with professional templates so the cost is balanced for you. Our design is extendable so your website can be easily transformed to an App and can enable further integration of useful tools for your day to day operations, like visitor access, employee attendance and other resource monitoring. We also ensure that we train and educate you to manage day to day operations through the applications on your own.
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Website Development

Apart form the usual website content where information about your organization can be shared, we specialize on adding applications to your website which will be able to do take care of some of your needs. Whether it is to track visitors, attendance of employees, tracking of resources in your office, we let your website do some work for you and that too from any device with internet access.

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Website Support

We can help migrate your website from one hosting provider to another one as per your needs. We can help in deciding:

– Which plan is most suitable for your needs.

– Adding SSL security to your website

– Adding payment gateway to your website for you to collect payments

– Monitor and maintain needed updates and upgrades along with license subscriptions so you don’t have to worry.

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Basic SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization maybe a very simple task few years ago where adding more tags to your webpages related to the content would have helped. Nowadays, this is far more than just the tags. This is due to the fact that understanding how Google, Bing and other search Engines are “crawling” the internet and “rating” your website. Making sure that the latest changes to their algorithms are included in your SEO strategy and being managed from backend is the reason we think we may be able to help you. We keep ourself up to date with latest indexing rules and guidelines from the Search Engines.

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Website Strategy / Information Technology Strategy

We can help review your current website or help you create a fresh strategy for your website. This has to be based on your specific needs and should be customized for you. Making sure we understand your work and your future needs, we can define your strategy for you and can make suggestions to include these in your Information Technology Strategy and how that can be achieved through your Website, integrated applications and your process.

We can define strategy for you which you can take back and implement with your team of developers. We can do the heavy lifting for you to make you future proof (for some time).

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Optimize your Business process with “IoT solutions”

IoT might sound a complex term and one feels it is for large scale implementations, however it can be as simple as being aware of already connected devices (humidity sensors, thermostat, electrical meter etc) around you and collecting information from them. Using these information we can build a business logic aligned to your business process (be it manufacturing, warehousing, mining, welding etc.)  Using data and analytics from IoT devices we can identify problems that is introducing inefficiency and take corrective actions. We can also take pro-active measures to address risks with the data trends.  We evaluate your process and suggest relevant solutions in an incremental way. A custom solution which is suited for your business and increment as you go along.
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Business review and IoT proposal

We survey and understand your business process and understand the places where there is a possibility of inefficiency, failure risks and scope for optimization. We make sure that we suggest IoT solutions which can be integrated directly to your system and we provide a report which suggests areas where IoT and automation can be implemented.   

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custom Integration of Standard IoT solutions

We can help enhance your current IoT solution or can implement standard IoT solutions customized to your needs and maintain them. Adding intelligence to your heating system can save some considerable costs and provide better comfort. Our software automation can improve efficiency.

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Your Information Technology (IT) Strategy

We understand that a successful business needs a stable IT infrastructure which works without denting your budget. We specialize in Enterprise IT Strategy and Solutions. Working with you to understand your needs, your workflow, your future needs and can suggest you solutions which could be lean, practical and economical. We help you make the decisions for yourself and can support in its implementation in phased manner. We help organizations migrate to cloud operations and services to save costs in the short and long terms. Using cloud services effectively, you can save on cost, maintainability, avoid over investment and still be extendable.
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Logo Design

We can help you to design and create Logos for your organization, with your inputs. From simple to complex, we can help implement your ideas to relate to your organization’s identity. We can help with using these Logos with other contents like Letterhead, Websites, Business Cards, Custom Merchandize etc. with help from our partners.

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Single Page Design

Need an online visibility right away? We can help with a website which just gives basic information and can start having online traffic divereted from your social media networks. This is quite useful when you are still setting up.

We make sure that this is further extendable giving you leverage to add more content as you go along.

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Information Architecture

Information sharing is the key to optimization of work and resources in any organization. Organizations have a knowledge base of the work we do and the process we follow to perform our day to day tasks. However, the way this information is organized plays a key role in how and how often this content will be used. We help you define the structure in a way that the information can be organized and made available to your users in an easy way. The information needs to be centralized but still keeping segregation for different departments to be able to manage and maintain their piece of information. The access has to be controlled based on the profile of the user, however all information needs to be in synch with the changes to the process.

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API Development

At times you might be doing some work where data and infromation might be of interest to others. They may be your direct customers or prospective clients. We can help collect that information in some resources pool and help you monetize these by making these available through API calls to your website or applications. We can help you custom design interfaces which casn make these information available to clients in a controlled way.

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Custom Web Application Packages


We work with you to understand your requirements and with our experience and expertise help you from what you WANT to what you may NEED. Our ability to help you with this definition reduces the overall cost by implementing what is needed and optimum and reuses what you have and we can.


Our experts further elaborate your needs to analyse and design – “how” to best provide you what you may need. At every stage we keep taking feedback from you. Without getting you involved in technical aspects, we design a solution which works for you and is optimum.


We have extensive experience in developing some of the most complex software and we use our learnings and best practices to even the simplest of our projects. We work with agile model continuously getting your feedback and making sure you start getting your NEEDS incrementally, based on YOUR priorities.


We build custom solutions for your requirements. Our expert consultants make sure the stability and performance is not going to be compromised. We ensure the solution is delivered alongwith clearly documented guides and instructions  to ensure smooth operation.

Website Redesign

Deluxe Full Service Website and Application Package

Change is the only constant.

We can create from scratch or transform your existing website or web application to your current needs. We have the expertise to understand what has currently been done, understand from you, your needs now and then design a transformation from present to future. 

  • Addition of several applications on your website.
  • Making the website interactive.
  • Let your website to do some administrative tasks for you.
  • Employees and guests can book workspaces
  • Use the same website for public domain as well as internal access. 
  • Add automation to your website and keep track of visitors, office assets, book appointments, setup video meetings and integrate third party application
  • Get a mobile App for the contents on your website
  • Update contents on your website from your hand held devices.

Web Application Designs

Application Design Package

If you already have developers to manage and maintain your website or application and want to add new features and not sure if that is feasible – Reach out to us for a consultation or get the solution and design done from us. We assist in developing these designs and make sure we work with your team to realize the solution.

  • In depth requirements analysis and design
  • Suggestion of alternate designs along with recommended one – so you become part of the decision based on attributes which are important to you
  • Compatibility study and analysis to ensure nothing breaks on existing solution due to the transformation.
  • We test the use cases so we catch the issues before you do.
  • Quick response for maintenance and support.
  • We take ownership of our work and provide free support during the initial roll-out phase,

Other Packages 

IoT Design for your Business Process Optimization

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Build A Subscriber Base

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Website Re-platform or Migration

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Build an Online Campaign

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