Lone Worker & Emergency Tracking

Our IoT solution for Lone Worker Safety provides a comprehensive solution for tracking, facilitating request for emergency, reporting any hazardous situation, being informed of any danger or getting help in case of any injury or getting lost in remote secluded areas e.g. mines or forests.

Equipped with Lorawan sensors featuring GPS tracking and panic buttons, our system ensures real-time monitoring, immediate alerts during emergencies, and swift coordination of assistance, ultimately enhancing worker safety, improving response times, and mitigating risks in isolated or hazardous environments.

Problem and Emergency Impact

  • Isolated Work Environments: Workers operate in remote areas where communication is difficult.

  • Safety Concerns: Lone workers face hazards with limited support, risking delayed emergency response.

  • Unpredictable Incidents: From falls to medical emergencies, lone workers encounter unpredictable situations.

  • Location Challenges: Locating lone workers quickly in vast or unfamiliar areas is a significant challenge.

  • Security Risks: Patrolling personnel are vulnerable to security threats due to their solitary nature of work.

IoT Solution Features

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts: Lorawan sensors offer GPS tracking and panic buttons for instant alerts during emergencies.

  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Wearable devices with fall detection and location monitoring ensure worker safety.

  • Centralized Monitoring: A central system enables swift response by pinpointing worker locations.

  • Customizable Solutions: Tailored options meet the unique needs of different industries and organizations.

  • Efficient Emergency Management: Streamlined communication ensures quick response, minimizing risks and operational disruptions.

Implementation Process

  • Needs Assessment: We assess lone workers’ requirements across industries to customize our solution.

  • Hardware Deployment: Lorawan sensors with GPS tracking are seamlessly integrated into workers’ gear or vehicles.

  • System Configuration: We set up a central monitoring system for real-time data reception and integrate it with existing protocols.

  • Testing and Support: Rigorous testing ensures reliability, followed by ongoing support and maintenance for optimal performance.

Forestry Workers in Remote Areas

ChallengeForestry workers often operate in isolated and dense forests where communication is challenging.

Solution: Deploy Lorawan sensors equipped with GPS tracking and panic buttons. If a worker falls or faces an emergency, the sensor sends real-time alerts to a central monitoring system. Search and rescue teams can quickly locate the worker.

Result: Improved response time during emergencies, reduced risk of workers being stranded.

Mining Industry

Challenge: Mines are hazardous environments with limited communication options.

Solution: Outfit miners with Lorawan sensors that detect falls, monitor location and provide emergency alerts. Gateways installed throughout the mine will ensure coverage.

Result: Enhanced safety, faster response to accidents, and better coordination among rescue teams.

Healthcare Professionals (Home Care)

Challenge: Home healthcare workers visit patients in various locations, including remote areas.

Solution: Wearable Lorawan sensors with panic buttons and GPS tacking. If a worker faces an emergency (e.g., patient aggresstion), they can trigger an alert. The central system notifies supervisors or dispatches help.

Result: Increased safety for healthcare workers, reduced response time during critical incidents.

Utility Service Providers (Electricians, Gas Tech)

Challenge: Utility workers often work alone in different neighborhoods.

Solution: Lorawan sensors integrated into their gear. If a worker falls or encounters an unsafe situation (e.g., gas leak), the sensor sends an alert. Supervisors can pinpoint the worker’s location.

Result: Improved worker safety, effecient emergency response.

Large Office Buildings (Security Personnel)

Challenge: Security guards patrol large office complexes alone.

Solution: Wearable Lorawan devices with panic buttons. If a guard faces an emergency (e.g., intruger), they trigger an alert. The system notifies other guards and building management.

Result: Enhanced security, quicker response to incidents.

Courier Drivers

Challenge: Delivery drivers operate independently, often in unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Solutions: Lorawan sensors in delivery vehicles. If a driver faces an emergency (e.g. car accident), the sensor sends location data. Dispatchers can coordinate assistance.

Result: Safer working conditions for drivers, efficient emergency management.

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