IoT for your Operational Excellence

Monitor Your Operational Data in Real time

To take control of your operational cost and efficiency, you need to have every relevant information with you to take an informed decision. At Northern IT Solutions, we make it possible by use of IoT to provide the data. Track every bit of energy consumed and see if it aligns with your expectation.
Monitor health of equipments, quality of work environment (air quality, temperature, humidity and more) and receive instant alerts on SMS / Emails to take corrective actions.
No need to spend precious manpower resources to manually monitor the condition of equipments and avoid teadious Root Cause Analysis as the data being collected is already providing the information for you.
Share your operational risks with us and let us surprise you with solutions which can come out of our Iot platform and hundreds of sensors available to collect relevant data customised for your needs. We partner with you in your operational journey and comitted to your operational excellence.
Connect with us for a free session where we can understand your operational issue and demonstrate to you a simulation on how that can be addressed. We provide trial usage of our IoT cloud platform with this simulated data and you can visualize to solve your problems with limitless possibilities and enormous value add.
Call us at: 1877 471 8499(Toll Free) or write to us at [email protected] to connect and explore more.